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Globus Performance Materials is a premier innovator, driving advancements in global industries across Advanced Filtration,
Technical Textiles, and Healthcare.

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Our product offerings are instrumental in the manufacturing of
High-Performance Filtration Systems, Cleaner Energy Sources, Intelligent Appliances, and Durable Consumer Goods. We are dedicated to our commitment to enhancing the quality of life and inspiring a greener world through continuous innovation.

Through our advanced Performance Material portfolio, we deliver leading-edge solutions across diverse sectors including automotive, transport, aerospace, marine, industrial, power generation, air pollution control, construction, and mining industries.

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Mobility Filtration

Industrial Filtration

Delivering leading-edge filtration technology across diverse sectors

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Advanced Materials

for next generation filtration applications

Top-Tier Products

focused on design adaptability
and streamlined processes

Driven by Continuous Innovation

Commitment to staying at the forefront
of solution technologies

Customer Focused 
Value Creation

Prioritise customer-centric approach to solution development

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