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Our brands deliver innovative personal protective solutions right across the spectrum of healthcare and industry. These cover a range of disciplines and provide cutting-edge technological solutions to enhance workers’ safety and productivity.

Skytec provides high-quality hand, hearing, head, respiratory, and clothing protection to users across industries and sectors.
SHOWA is synonymous with the highest degree of hand protection providing innovative solutions for various applications and uses.
HAIKA® offers a comprehensive range of protective gloves, masks, and clothing for applications across the healthcare spectrum.
Riley® offers a wide range of high-performing safety eyewear, including RX prescription safety glasses and safety goggles.

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To streamline our offering and provide an enhanced customer experience, we’re consolidating our Alpha Solway and ENHA brands under the Skytec brand umbrella. You can expect to find the same high-quality safety equipment you know and trust in one convenient location.

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Skytec will now be the overarching brand for hand, head, respiratory, hearing and clothing protection. Riley will be exclusively eyewear and the HAIKA brand will be used within healthcare.

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